Truly Unique In Its Field

An Open-Sourced International Corporation

PROCYON RISING (PR) exists to bring Christians together to do great things. Two aspects that drive PR, are: the global community of believers and the groups that will form around their interests; and the business entities that may develop from those interests.

Primary Purpose:  community

PROCYON RISING COMMUNITY brings together Christians who are passionate to connect, discuss current issues, and find non-political solutions; plus implement their calling and vocational abilities to affect their cultures, enhance the body of Christ, and add value to the people within their sphere of influence.

Secondary purpose:  business

PROCYON RISING BUSINESS strives to develop collaborations between professional and non-professional Christians, for these purposes: to form Profit and Non-Profit ventures, to find valid and credible Venture Investors, and to give the average person a Voice—in order to make a viable, creative, and tangible difference in the world.

You will have the opportunity: to connect with other people of various ages and all walks of life; to mentor and be mentored; to form lasting relationships; to create groups that focus on needs, ideas, and issues; and to work together to turn projects into accomplishments.

This is NOT business as usual






— and —



So much of life can be divided into the two categories of

For our purposes, they are:

Sign Up…. Sign In…. Start a discussion.
Create a Topic—of what is going on in the world, AND what we can do to bring solutions to it.







“If George Washington were alive today, he would have chosen The MEDIA in which to make his mark on history.”

Film, Theater &

TV Production

Explore Topic

Entertainment That

Educates & Enlightens




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Real Reporting–We don’t make it up…We Dig For It



Explore Topic

Beyond Contemporary Music

…A New Approach

Privacy, Functionality & The Internet 301

Explore Topic

THE FUTURE OF THE INTERNET IS… You’ll be surprised! Or maybe not. 

Magazines, Graphics, &  A Digital Bible

Explore Topic

All Things Made New

…For A New Audience

The Bible As
Historical Evidence

Explore Topic

The Strength of Scripture in the Annals of Human History


The Pro-Active


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Investing In A New Light


Producer And


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Changing The Industry…

Impacting The World

Writer, Actor

& Agency

Explore Topic

Making The Pie Bigger

and Better…For Everybody

The Pro-Active


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Where Christians Go To

“Invest With A Purpose”




Design Is Art that Solves a Problem

“Design makes Ideas and Facts, Tangible…and useful.”



Explore Topic

The Driving Force

Behind The Next Economic Surge


& A New Industry

Explore Topic

The Next Stage Of The Internet

Architecture &

Construction Reborn

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The Housing Industry… on Steroids


Is King

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Coding is Passé…

Guess What’s Next?

Engineering A

Hyper-Efficient Future

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The Big Things…

On A Microscopic Level

Marketing In A Relational Age

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Relational Marketing–

“Integrity and Honesty in Advertising” ….Really!

Procyon Rising

Food, Inc

Explore Topic

Cuisine & All Things Food

& The Global Health Initiative



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The Big Things…

On A Microscopic Level



Explore Topic

The Big Things…

On A Microscopic Level

The Pro-Active


Explore Topic

Where Christians Go To

“Invest With A Purpose.”

Our Philosophy and What The Future Holds

Changing the World One Project at a Time



“If you meet a need, you deserve to make a profit.” Doing this ethically and relationally, is the focus and philosophy behind ALL our efforts…

Meeting needs and providing social solutions are non-profit AND for-profit endeavors.

Some times the best vehicle to get the job done, is one or the other…. We like them both.

Four areas we will cover:
  • MEDIA—from the Internet to Film to Print…a Global & Mobile reach. “If George Washington were alive today, this is the arena he would have chosen on which to make his mark on history.”
  • DESIGN—from Architecture to Autos, from Nano Technology to Near Space, from Engineering to Interior Design, from Communities to Haute Couture, from…well, whatever involves Design. As unlikely as it seems, the future is in Design…think 3-D printing and DNA mapping as a good start. “Design Is What We Do With What We Know.”
  • HUMAN POTENTIAL / HUMAN NEEDS—in Love and Truth…. “No person left behind.” Make a lasting difference…meet a genuine need.
  • BUSINESS / ORGANIZATION STRATEGY & DEVELOPMENT—The what and how of doing things correctly. Re-establishing our society’s lost civic infrastructure, encouraging personal humanity in Business, and problem solving both locally and globally.

Our Commitment: “Procyon Rising will master these seemingly dissimilar areas.”  They represent those things which drive culture, the future, and impassion people to act.



Non-Profit Organizations have a special place in our Social Contract, as citizens. They inherently direct us away from ourselves, move us towards others, and compel us to find new and better ways to help and meet people where they are.

None of us is immune to needing assistance—from Natural disasters to life’s unexpected turns. Helping others keeps us humble, and safe-guards our own humanity.

“Physician Heal Thy People”—Equipped with a combined 25+ years of volunteer experience,  we have a deep interest in the social need for cultures to “Heal Thyself”—especially, with the assistance of non-profits that underpin a genuine solution. If you doubt, see the miracles of forgiveness and restoration from these grandmothers at www.gogograndmothers.com


During his travels throughout a young America, historian Alexis De Tocqueville famously stated, “Americans of all ages, all conditions, all minds constantly unite.” (Democracy in America)


He noted that there was not a need for which there was also an organization developed to meet it.

There is a lesson here for us today.

The same Jesus that met the divergent and virulent needs in colonial times, can meet our needs today.

Disjointed diversity and voluminous unmet needs, that are currently palpable in our country, scream for solutions NOT whining or toxic condemnation.

THIS is where the Gospel is most effective.


Making a Difference Before Making Money

“Answering the question WHY… is the most overlooked question in all of Business.”

Fully answering the Why question creates a clear Direction, validates Relevancy, and provides the Flexibility to change and grow, intelligently.

EACH endeavor/project within Procyon Rising will be responsible to fully answer this question after that particular group has finished its’ Brainstorming & Concept forming stages within our Discussion Groups.

Fulfilling this represents the best of our Social Contract with the communities and people we will serve.

“God will measure your life, by what you give other people.” Whether it’s forgiveness, mercy or whatever else. What you give Is and Becomes the measure God uses to evaluate and judge your life. It’s a choice. Give the good you want for yourself.
For most of us, that means ‘giving to others what we needed and wanted given to us’ when we were growing up. Just choose and do it.



A Dynamic Workforce For a New Generation

Growing as human beings–in all areas of life. That is the internal focus of Procyon Rising.

Helping you take the results of that and doing something with it, is our hope…whether with us or doing something completely external to PR.

Financial AND personal growth. What a concept!

Everyone mentors and is mentored. Each brings their own experiences, backgrounds, insights, and inquisitiveness to the group, with the goal to accomplish certain tasks.

As you participate in discussions and various Groups, your experience and knowledge grow exponentially.

Plus, this is great to put on a resume.

But beyond all of this, you will learn more about the world you live in AND life in general…. Just like society should be.

Jesus said “…And the lord commended the unjust steward, because he had done wisely; for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light.” Luke 16:8. (Emphasis mine)

Jesus’ comment here referenced how a dishonest manager was shrewd in how he dealt with people, to get something done. The children of light would do well to become wise enough to earn an even better praise.