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ABOUT--- Procyon Rising
Making A Difference....in the Workforce and the World

Combining the best of corporate scalability, entrepreneurialism and teamwork, with a realistic and innovative residual income.... Here Is How We Make It Happen


Once an idea is developed into a viable project, TEAM PROCYON management oversees the establishment of a Project Team. This is a group of 5-15 Members. Two or more Project Teams may be needed on one project, depending on its' size and scope. There will be one TEAM PROCYON Project Manager, Lawyer and Advisor on every Team. A representative of the Venture Capitalist (VC) group funding the project will also have an Advisory position on the Team. The goal of each Team is to make the project Production Ready.


TEAM PROCYON cultivates relationships with potential Venture Capitalist groups. The VC reviews a particular viable project and signs-off to purchase it, once it becomes Production Ready. They are INVOLVED every step of the way, but are not allowed to get in the way. Under the guidance of TEAM PROCYON, each Project Team is responsible for following their established objectives; to refine them, abandon or create new ones, or solicit help from other Teams or out-sourced experts.


The whole concept underlying Procyon Rising is BOLD IDEAS. With the continual increase in technology, only the innovative thrive. Period! Yesterday's business models will not work; and if they do, they will simply sputter-out over time leaving a lot of people disappointed. Sound familiar? With a unique and progressive business model coupled with innovative ideas and a cadre of talented people from a wide swath of diverse backgrounds, Procyon Rising will not only succeed for years to come but will help people thrive personally and professionally. Helping people not just have a job, but have a life...now that's a bold idea.


This is the best part. The carefully designed structure of Procyon Rising allows the individual to set their own pace and level of involvement. You can work on as many or few projects as you want and as your life-demands may permit. You could also work with TEAM PROCYON management as an Advisor or Project Manager. Any of this would look good on a resume. While Members work on a project, they are paid a base income. When the VC takes over the completed project, each Member earns a Residual Income on that project. The goal is that with enough projects you can be free to help people and do other things.

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I am the founder and managing director of Procyon Rising. There are no CEO’s here. Everyone works alongside one another to accomplish great things. We share the profits with our employees…in a big way. Everyone is mentored. We team together to help people find their place in this big old world, to position themselves and make a difference in it, and earn enough money for themselves and to help other people. That is NOT what most companies do, today—or ever. But why not!? The world needs people and businesses that are truly genuine and relational. You can learn that here. I’ve taken 40 years of adult life, 15 years of college life, a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a master’s degree in Public Policy Administration (the best non-business business degree I’ve ever seen) and my jobs working in Behavioral Health with real humans with very real needs, and fashioned a business philosophy that is truly caring, progressive and a necessity in this world. I hope it can serve you.
~ Bill Andrews